Work from home

What an advantage to be able to earn money from the comfort or your own home.

I am a single parent raising one child. And my son is still a baby and I couldn’t bear live him to a nanny just to go to an office based work.

And besides, I don’t need to wake up early just to beat traffic, wait in line when buying lunch, dress to impress.

Overall, working from home is really convenient. I get to eat hot fresh home cooked meal (I mean I don’t need to stick it in the microwave just to get it warm), don’t need to spend cash for transportation, and also working from home keeps you unexposed from people who are virus carriers.

So, I am so glad that now there are available home based jobs.

Yes, I am a photographer but I am also a social media manager, and my clients are based in Singapore and New Zealand.

I just love my job.

Flexible time.

And the good thing is, I earn money and spend quality time with my son.



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